“Honesty,” a West African folktale

I recently revisited a folktale a teacher at the school I taught at in Togo shared with me in 2010. It’s called “Honesty,” or “L’honnêteté,” and highlights the problem of corruption. You can listen to my interpretation/translation from the French here:

Revisiting Fairy Potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, Leprechauns and potatoes may come to mind. But the Irish aren’t the only people to think about the little people. Many cultures have their versions of small, magical folk. And no matter where they live, fairies have to eat, too — right?

Not Your Average Garlic

Thai fire, Sicilian silver, German red: The world of garlic is far more exotic than one might expect from perusing the supermarket aisles. Root Bottom Farm owners Morgan and Sarah Decker are working to spread the word about the diverse types of the pungent, flavorful bulb that can be grown in Western North Carolina. #EarthFlavor19

Book review in La Revista

A Spanish language book review of Seidl’s The Sophisticated Savage was recently published in the Ecuadorian magazine La Revista out of Guayaquíl. The review was published on July 5th of this year, after, says the author, “A book falls into my hands, and I devour it in half an afternoon.” The Sophisticated Savage was published in 2009.

Songs with Lyrics and Translations

I’ve revisited some of my favorite recordings and finally posted lyrics (or translated lyrics). The songs should play automatically when you visit the links below.